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Northstar Consulting Group: Local Outsourcing Grows Business, Keeps Jobs in U.S.

Friday, November 30th, 2012 by Seth Weinstein

“Outsourcing Services Adds Value to Business Growth in US” Claim Northstar Consulting Group (PRWeb)

PRWeb put out this article a few days ago, and it very succinctly summarizes what makes local outsourcing so effective. The following quotes originally refer solely to the Northstar Group, but in the larger world where many companies offer outsourced services, I find them to be more universal than specific. I’m not one to mess with what is already quality work, so here’s the distilled version of the article’s pertinent points.

>> “Gartner reported ‘outsourcing’ has shown a 2.1 percent increase from 2011.”

>> “Outsourcing operations to other American businesses who are experts in their field allows a brand to get the best possible results while keeping overheads low and ensuring work opportunities remain in the US.”

>> “[…] outsourced services are extremely cost effective – in many cases considerably cheaper than the average business maintaining an internal sales force – and offer a specialized service. Outsourcing a [function] allows many [clients] to concentrate on their core business operations […]”

>> “[Leif Schneider, managing partner at Schneider Bartosch Communications,] states that, ‘You don’t need to be an expert in everything – in fact no one can be, or should claim to be – but you do need to have access to the best experts and you do need to know how to manage them. We effectively outsource any work that is not senior managerial activity.'”

>> “[Hugh Greenhalgh, contributor,] adds ‘the mark of any good manager is the ability to effectively delegate work […]. If you want your start-up to operate like the big guys, outsource the small stuff to give yourself the time and brainpower for the larger issues, and your bank statements will confirm the wisdom of your choice.'”

If that last part sounds awfully familiar, it’s only because I’ve said extremely similar things multiple times on this blog. Maybe I’m on to something! The general takeaway here is that for businesses that want to step up their game while keeping costs down and helping the local economy, outsourcing to a company like Ziptask or Northstar is an extremely viable methodology.



How Ziptask Manages the Hassles of Onshore Outsourcing

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012 by Seth Weinstein

An editorial published by Professor Ilan Oshri at the Loughborough School of Business has given us a “state of the industry” view of outsourcing. The findings are promising for those in the field: the IT and business process outsourcing industries combined are reported to have a market to the tune of $435 billion, with projected growth in both sectors over the next two years.

Professor Oshri went on to delineate the perks and hassles of onshore, near-shore, and offshore outsourcing, going into detail on which is easier to manage, recruit for, scale, and train. He states at one point that for companies that must outsource, “in the current economic climate it would be politically correct to pursue an onshore setting.” But he is not without his criticisms of the methodology; he goes on to say that onshore firms often don’t offer the scale available to offshore vendors, and that sticking to onshore outsourcing may limit the talent pool that clients can draw from.

Ziptask, I am happy to say, successfully averts these problems while still providing the advantages of local outsourcing. Our talent pool is both wide and deep, pulling in not only our own workers but applicants from oDesk’s enormous stable as well. In fact, it is with this facet that Ziptask solves all the aforementioned problems in one fell swoop.

We hire workers worldwide, with the only requirement that they have a computer and speak English. So in addition to talent found outside the country, we also have a large group of workers from right here in the US. Why choose between onshore, offshore, or near-shore when you can essentially have all three? And Ziptask’s robust system handles scalability exceedingly well, again due to our large pool of workers at the ready. Ziptask can just as easily handle 20 minutes of work or 20 hours. And again, since our pool is so wide and varied, you never have to worry about not being able to find the right worker for the job. In fact, Ziptask handles the entire hiring process for you!

In these ways and more, we find that Ziptask provides a great option for businesses who are considering outsourcing part of their operations. There really is no other business that straddles the line like Ziptask does, and if Professor Oshri’s predictions are any indication, we’re going to be doing very well for the next couple of years. Hire us, and our success can be your success too.

Automate Your Life To Make Better Decisions

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012 by Seth Weinstein

A recent blog post by Robert Pozen on the Harvard Business Review made the claim that “boring is productive”. Putting it like that doesn’t sound too exciting, especially considering that the subject matter of the article is our President, one Barack Obama, and his tricks for a productive day. Who better to take time-management cues from than one of the busiest men on Earth?

The gist of the piece is that when Obama isn’t making decisions that change the face of the planet, he’s not making decisions at all. The clothes he wears, the food he eats, his exercise routine, and other comparatively mundane daily details either remain constant day after day, or are planned out in advance. When it’s time to sit down for a meal or get dressed for the day, Obama’s doesn’t even have to think about the details.

The idea is that the human brain has only a certain amount of decision-making power before its effectiveness drops off steeply. The article links to two scientific studies that seem to support this; even when the decisions are mundane or low-risk, the simple act of repeatedly deciding on one thing over another is enough to fatigue the brain into making less-than-optimal choices.

You can mitigate this by taking advantage of the same methods President Obama does, namely identifying parts of your daily routine that you can automate to decrease the number of daily choices you’re forced to make. Ziptask is well-poised to help you with this effort by reducing not only the amount of decisions you have to make, but clearing up extra time to make more important decisions. Instead of dedicating a bunch of idle brain power to your more boring or tedious work assignments, Ziptask can automatically complete them while you are free to focus your attention on things more worthy.

If you’re finding your decision-making skills to be less sharp lately, or you’re just feeling overwhelmed with simple tasks, having Ziptask automate parts of your workday could end up being a huge boon. With your extra time, you could find new things to automate and start a positive feedback loop that ends with you having tons more free time and a much happier brain.

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