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Work3.0 Featured on!

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 by Seth Weinstein

crowdsoucing.orgThree cheers for recognition! The article I posted last week about Automan and Amazon Mechanical Turk was picked up as an editorial feature on, the leading site for news and discussion regarding crowdsourcing, crowd funding, cloud labor, and distributed knowledge.

Professionals in the field would be wise to check out the content on with some degree of regularity. Their articles are well-sorted, submitted from a variety of sources, and will be seen by bright minds from a multitude of distinct industries. When I reported for Tiny Work, many of my news leads could be traced back to, and the attention my articles received on the site was instrumental in getting me where I am today.

Thank you,, and I hope we continue to have a mutually beneficial relationship with each other.

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