Don’t Skip the Legal Legwork!

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 by Seth Weinstein

From Cliff Caswell at Police Oracle:

Outsourcing: Clarity Sought On Driver Training

Fed confirms it has sought legal advice over privatisation issue.Senior roads policing professionals have admitted serious concerns over the potential legal implications of outsourcing driver training to private firms as budget cuts continue to bite.The Police Federation has confirmed that it is seeking clarification over any ramifications that could face forces if they use the services of third parties.

Alan Jones, Chairman of the staff association’s Roads Policing Group, said that he was not levelling criticism at forces using the outsourcing route or the companies they chose – but felt that any potential legal issues should be quickly identified and addressed.


Looks like even the police aren’t above the law when it comes to outsourcing! It’s always a great idea to double- and triple-check the laws before you outsource any work to an outside firm, especially when it’s high-profile and high-risk work like the kind mentioned in this article. Failure to comply with laws has ramifications that I am sure we’re all familiar with and would rather avoid.

Of course, it almost goes without saying that if you choose to outsource your work through Ziptask, you’ll find that we’ve already done all the legal work for you. We pride ourselves on putting as little personal strain as possible on the customer, so you can be assured that if you use Ziptask, everything will be handled in the legal-est possible manner. Just one more little hassle that Ziptask is more than willing to do so you don’t have to!


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