The BMW of Outsourcing

Friday, October 12th, 2012 by Seth Weinstein

Have you ever driven a BMW? Say what you will about the owners, but the cars are nice. Of course, I’m speaking as a guy who drives a beaten-up ’97 Altima with both of the bumpers halfway off, but that doesn’t change the point. When you drive a BMW, you get the full, plush, luxurious experience. You get the big cushion-y interior, the myriad options to customize the vehicle, and naturally, you get the admiration and jealousy of your peers.

That’s what you paid for, right? When you buy a BMW, you get the upscale experience and everything to go with it. Ziptask is like that; not like the car, mind you, but like their equally plushy full-service extended warranty. If you’re familiar, you’re nodding your head right now, because the service covered is worth at least as much as the car itself. Let me break down how Ziptask encompasses the best of BMW’s service.

The first thing to note is the flat fee that both services charge. Compare that to the old-school method; if your car breaks down, not only do you have to take the time out of your busy day to find a mechanic and wait around for them to fix it, but you get to jump into the wonderful world of shady deals and overpricing. As if it wasn’t a miserable enough experience! Ziptask takes this idea and runs with it, offering standard by-the-minute pricing for every task and quoting you an estimate before the work even gets started. It’s a relief both to your decision-overloaded brain and your budgeting efforts. No more will surprise fees pop up and ruin your day right before the work is done; approve the estimate and the work gets done, no haggling involved.

Second, BMW’s coverage removes the mystery of auto care. In addition to them removing the decisions involved with negotiating prices, they remove the need for you to be involved in the complicated maintenance and repair schedules and procedures. When you bring your car to BMW’s repair center, your interaction with the mechanic is about as minimal as you can ask for. They already know what maintenance your car needs, so you just list any repairs you need as you drop the car off and that’s all the work you need to do. Ziptask also follows this low-impact method of getting work done by handling the freelancers and assignments automatically, based on nothing but your short description of the work needed. The last thing busy people need is to have to learn another set of barely-relevant skills, so why not let someone who already knows them worry about it for you?

All of this leads, of course, to a massive recovery of time, money, and willpower. With both BMW and Ziptask, there is a certain “fire and forget” attitude that the service allows its customers. What this means is that past the initial point where the customer requests the work, their job is done. They can now drive off in a rental car and go about their business, complete more important work while outsourcing the minor things, and generally enjoy a more worry-free mental state. Oh, and I mentioned money, right? I can’t imagine too many people would see an opportunity to eliminate surprise charges from their budget and say, “You know what? Nah, that’s not for me. I’d rather my money expenditure follow casino rules.”

Ziptask is the BMW of outsourcing services. Quick, painless, worry-free, and easy on the wallet. And of course, you still enjoy the respect from your peers, who will either wonder where you found all that extra time, or applaud your ingenuity once you let them in on your secret. And so, savvy reader, if you want your life to be a little more streamlined, and treat yourself to the luxury experience for an everyman price, your course is clear; recover your day and your sanity and start outsourcing your annoyances out through Ziptask. And with all that extra money, you can start an account to save for a BMW. We all gotta have dreams, right?


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